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Messages to international applicants

Neuromorphic Systems Lab (NSL) belongs to Graduate School and Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT). OIT was founded in 1922, with the mission to develop specialists with science-based practical skills. OIT also has their graduate schools which include doctoral courses.

NSL is in Hirakata campus of OIT, located between Kyoto (the center of Japanese traditional culture) and Osaka (one of the biggest center of commerce and food in Japan). At this convenient area, we are researching and developing cutting-edge neuro-inspired vision sensors and systems. Through the research activity, undergraduate and graduate students develop the following skills and abilities:

  1. neuro-inspired algorithm development
  2. neuro-inspired digital circuit design
  3. knowledge on visual neuroscience
  4. world wide human network in this field

If you are intereseted in joining us as an exchange student, please check the international office site of OIT.
If you are intereseted in joining us as an OIT student, please check the Admission site of OIT.
You can also contact hirotsugu.okuno [ATMARK] oit.ac.jp.

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