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2018/08/30-31 We gave a demostration of our neuromorphic technology at Innovation JAPAN 2018, that was held at TOKYO BIG SIGHT. The title is "A small intelligent vision system that is insusceptible to changes of illuminance".
2018/08/02 -09/07 A master course student, Mr. Kajihara, conducted a collaborative research on a spiking neural network at Neuro-Engineering Lab of National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.
2018/06/05 Two master course students, Mr. Kajihara and Mr. Misaka, gave poster presentations at the Robotics and Mechatronics Conference 2018. The titles were "Brain-inspired Binocular Disparity Detection System Using Multiple Spatial Band-passed Images", and "An Image Sensor System with Color Constancy Inspired by Biological Early Vision".
2018/05/17 Dr. Okuno gave an invited talk at the 62nd Annual Conrefence of Systems, Control and Information Engineers (SCI’18). The title was "Developing vision systems inspired by the retina and the visual cortex." (in Japanese)
2017/12/26 Dr. Okuno gave a presentation at a project meeting "Neuromorphic computing utilizing novel solid-state devices and circuits" held at Tohoku University. The title was "Circuit implementation of early vision and its application."
2017/03/30 Dr. Okuno gave an invite talk at Workshop on Brain-inspired Hardware. The title was "A hardware simulator of visual nervous systems utilizing a silicon retina and SpiNNaker chips."
2017/01 A paper was accepted by IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems. The title is "Retinal circuit emulator with spatio-temporal spike outputs at milliseconds resolution in response to visual events."
2016/12/16 Dr. Okuno gave an invited talk at the 70th Technical Committee on Ultra Precision, The Japan Society for Precision Engineering. The title was "Visual signal processing systems inspired by neurons." (in Japanese)
2016/11/03 A paper was presented at The SICE Life Engineering Symposium 2016. The title is "Computing ego-motion of a small UAV with image processing inspired by the visual neuronal circuit of insects."(in Japanese)
2016/11/03 Students gave a demonstaration at the school festival of Osaka Institute of Technology. The title was "Bio-inspired robot vision." (in Japanese)
2016/10/18 A paper was presented at an international conference ICONIP. The title is "A retino-morphic hardware system simulating the graded and action potentials in retinal neuronal layers"
2016/09/12 Dr. Okuno gave an invited talk at Special research Committee on Embodiment Cognitive Science and Real world Application. The title was "Visual signal processing systems inspired by visual nervous systems: Neural activity simulator and vision-based control of a flying robot."(in Japanese)
2016/05 A paper was accepted by Neural Networks. The title is "Real-time Object Tracking Based on Scale-invariant Features Employing Bio-inspired Hardware."
2016/04/01 Neuromorphic Systems Laboratory was established at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Osaka Institute of Technology.

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Research goals

    This laboratory has the following two goals.
    The first goal is to develop an efficient sensing and control system inspired by nervous systems. The sensory nervous system perceives sensory signals efficiently in terms of both energy and time, while understanding of sensory information is one of the most difficult task for computers even though its processing speed is much faster than that of neurons. The motor nervous system generates appropriate motor commands using the information processed by the sensory nervous system. Learning from the advantages of these nervous systems is a promissing way to develop noble sensing and control systems.
    The second goal is to reveal how the efficient signal processing is accomplished in the nervous systems. We have to reveal it before learning from the nervous systems because it remains poorly understood.
    Understanding the nervous systems and developing noble sensing and control systems inspired by the nervous systems: these two points are the keys of this laboratory.


neuromorphic, retina, brain, visual cortex, AI, robot, drone, image sensor, image processing, neural network, FPGA, circuit design, algorithm development


Affiliation:Osaka Institute of Technology, Faculty of Information Science and Technology
Location:1-79-1 Kitayama, Hirakata City, Osaka, 573-0196 Japan
 Buliding number 1, Room number 515
E-mail:hirotsugu.okuno [ATMARK] oit.ac.jp

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